McGinnis Ferry to get repaving

Alpharetta, Forsyth partner on shared road



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Alpharetta will work with Forsyth County to begin repaving portions of McGinnis Ferry Road.

Public Works Director Pete Sewczwicz said the city looked at several options with the road. To simply patch potholes on the road from McFarland Road to the Dartmore subdivision would cost roughly $48,000. However, to overlay the entire section of roadway with brand new asphalt would cost about $50,000.

Forsyth has to be brought into the mix because the county controls half of the road, down the middle of the street. Alpharetta owns the other half.

“My recommendation is to move forward with the overlay and partnering with Forsyth County,” Sewczwicz said.

Money for the project will come from remaining cash on hand, because many of the budgeted projects throughout the year have come in under budget, leaving a pot with $120,000 remaining.

“If we do nothing, the road would deteriorate even more and could need deep patching,” Sewczwicz said. “The number of patches would be a lot and get bigger with winter coming.”

Councilmembers did note concern over the road not being a top priority based on a scoring system the city uses. Each year, the streets are scored according to upkeep, with the lowest scoring given funding to be repaved. Ideally, this creates a predictable cycle of paving throughout the city.

Council did not want to see the road jump ahead of streets that the city’s own system suggested would need attention first.

With McGinnis Ferry Road, it scored in the upper 30s.

“This street was on the shortlist,” Sewczwicz said.

Councilman Chris Owens said he was glad the city took the time to look not just at the street’s scoring but in partnering with Forsyth.

“The whole road does not need resurfacing,” Owens pointed out. “It’s important to maintain our scoring system.”

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