Mayor’s Ball to benefit Drake House

Wood’s party in the woods



ROSWELL, Ga. – The annual Mayor’s Ball for charity that Mayor Jere Wood always throws at Miss Tillie’s house on the family property on Stroup Road will be Saturday, Oct. 20.

Guests can count on plenty of smoked barbecue as the professional and private cook-offs are a crowd favorite. They can sample as much as they like with plenty of slaw and corn on the cob on the side.

Restaurants signed up to participate are: Adele’s Cajun Cuisine, Artisan’s Cafe, Shane’s Ribshack, Dreamland BBQ, Spiced Right Ribhouse and Harry’s Whole Foods.

There will be beer, wine, soft drinks and s’mores by the bonfire. Everyone is invited to come out to mingle, eat and dance the night away to live music performed by 3-Way Street. 

Directions: Take a left on Bowen Road off of Marietta Highway (Ga. 120) and turn right onto Stroup Road. Or if it’s closer, go to Woodstock Road at Jones Road. Turn onto Jones Road and then right onto Bowen Road, but this time turn left to get on Stroup.

Go to the driveway on the left. That is the mayor’s property. It is the driveway that does not have a mansion at the end of the drive. In fact, there is no driveway per se.

But it will have a table set up to take tickets, and that is where the shuttle buses disappear. Park on the street along Stroup where the other cars are parked. Then walk to the mayor’s drive and wait for the shuttle, or wait by the car for a shuttle. Either way is the same difference.

It is recommended to take the shuttle down to Miss Tillie’s, as searching parties are inconvenient and don’t generally start up until the end of the evening so as to only do it the one time. At the bottom of the hollow, everyone will be eating a lot of barbecue and having a ball, hence the name. There is a strict rule against talking politics at the ball, but it is observed only in the breach.

To buy tickets, go to, click the “donate” button, insert information and put “Mayor’s BBQ Ball” as your purpose of purchase.

For information, contact or call her at 770-587-4712, ext. 307.

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