Mayor Belle Isle, firefighters kick off new program



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Mayor David Belle Isle visited Legacy Community Academy’s first-grade class Jan. 30 to kick off a new experiential learning program where community helpers personally interact with young students to show the importance of being a community helper.

Belle Isle told the students that he felt like God was calling him to serve as mayor and he prepared for this position by serving in other helpful roles in the community before becoming mayor. He said that he has sacrificed time to serve as mayor and that it is worth the sacrifice. The students learned that a good leader is someone who prays about decisions, is courageous, compassionate and tries to speak and act wisely.

Fire Station No. 3 firefighters showed the students how they are always ready to respond to an emergency. The students visited the station on Westside Parkway and during their visit, an actual emergency call came in. They learned that they always need to be prepared to respond when the community needs them. They also got to see a firefighter put on all of his gear, toured the fire station and explored the fire engine. They learned the difference between a fire truck and a fire engine.

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