Marketing Your Small Business



Are you spending a lot of money marketing your small business? Do your marketing programs produce the results you are looking for? Have you developed a marketing strategy and program you can easily implement? For any small business to achieve profitable growth, marketing is a key component to your overall operations. If you’re not getting the results you want out of your marketing efforts, read on.

In order to successfully grow your business, you’ll need to continuously attract new customers, and then work hard to retain them by making sure they are satisfied with your products and services. This all starts by having a thorough understanding of your customers. Marketing programs should all be aimed at convincing people to try and continue using your products and services.

Having a marketing strategy is a fundamental component for any marketing program. A marketing strategy should tailor what you are offering and why buying it from you is more valuable than from your competitors. Ideally, the strategy should also include a succinct value proposition on why what you do or sell is better than other providers. Segmenting your customers is also a fundamental component of a good marketing program. Segments could include age, sex, geography, and other criteria that provide you with important information to use in your marketing messages.

Creating marketing messages to each of your identified segments isn’t easy, but it is an imperative to attracting new business. Mass marketing the same message to all segments is certainly not as effective as having unique messages for each segment. The “mix” of your marketing messages should always focus on what you have learned about your customer segment preferences. For example, if one segment has a high priority preference for a low-cost provider, then emphasize that in your marketing messages.

There are a number of ways to get your marketing messages to your customers and attract new customers. Using traditional methods, such as print media and flyers, may be the best way to communicate with certain segments, while using digital media, like Email marketing and social media marketing, may be best for another segment. It is also a good practice to ask new customers how they heard about you. Did they read something in the paper or flyer? Did they learn about what you do by visiting your web site or Facebook Page? Learning what marketing channels have been effective, and which ones have not, will allow you to focus more of your marketing dollars to those channels that produce the best results. By the way, if you’re reading this article you are most likely on the Appen Newspaper web site. Appen offers both print and digital marketing options, and have a very big following if your business is in North Fulton County.

Marketing your small business is the only way it will continue to grow. It’s an ongoing process that can help you attract and retain customers, increase sales and profits, and maximize the value of your small business.

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