Managing the growth of your small business



Is your small business growing fast?

Are your marketing efforts working well to attract new customers?

Do you have operational challenges now that your business is bigger than it was before?

All small business owners want to grow their business, but this comes with additional challenges, and if they are unanticipated, it could lead to diminishing returns.

Managing the growth of your small business is equally important to actually achieving the increase in customers and sales.

The operating model of your business before it grew may not be adequate now that it has grown bigger.

More customers and more sales are a good thing, but only if you can manage it correctly.

If you outgrow your capacity to serve your customers, keep up with new orders and maintain your levels of service, operational changes need to be made.

Anticipating this in advance is a key component to continued business growth.

Planning for growth is the first step in the process.

Projecting your business growth in the future allows you to better plan what will be needed to accommodate a larger business.

This could include things like adding human resources, the expansion of physical space, developing new processes and procedures or upgrading your information technology.

Put your customers first.

They are the ones who have allowed you to achieve your business growth.

Look for ways to automate your operating procedures and continue to innovate. Growing your small business is great, but only if you can manage that growth.

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