Managing Your Facebook Page



Are you attracting new “Fans” to your Facebook Page each day? Are your fans “liking” and commenting on your posts? Do your fans share your posts? Facebook is a proven vehicle to attract more people to your business. But in order to do this, you have to continually engage your fans with content that is worthy of reading, liking, commenting, and sharing.

Developing a Facebook Page posting strategy is the starting point for insuring you are providing relevant and valuable information to your fans, and attracting new fans. Elements of the strategy should include how many posts you make, the variety of these posts, and certainly the content. Writing a few sentences of text each day is not going to get you the same results as a diversified set of content that catches your fan’s attention, and encourages them with a “call to action.”

A call to action can either be in the form of a statement, like “please let us know what your thoughts are on this subject,” or in the form of a question, like “what is your opinion on this topic?” Don’t expect people to automatically like your post, comment on it, or share it. You have to ask them, hence the name “call to action.”

Diversifying your posts should also be part of your strategy. Including links to web sites, pictures and video are great options that will increase the engagement with your fans. Including a web link URL will automatically access the web site the URL refers to, and also populate the post with a link, text and thumbnail pictures you can chose from. You can then delete the URL so it looks neater, type in a short comment, and click on the “POST” button.

Keep the text in your posts short! Research shows that Facebook posts that are less than 40 characters in length receive an 86% higher engagement rate. That’s not only for fans that look at them, but also like them, make comments and share them with their Facebook friends. Keeping your daily posts to 1-2 per day is a best practice and will give you a much higher engagement rate. And posts aren’t just for weekdays. Weekend posts, and posts done between 8pm and 7am get a much higher viewing.

Lastly, one of the most important components of managing your Facebook Page is responding to your fans. Just like personal relationships, this is not a “one way dialogue!” Make sure you either “like” or comment on your fan’s comments. Acknowledge that you are reading what they say and make it a two-way conversation. Acknowledging your fan’s interests is not only polite, but it can take you to a whole new level of interaction on a particular topic.

If your fans like and comment on your posts, it is highly likely that they will share them with their friends. This will produce more fans, the vast majority of which could become your customers. That’s the beauty of Facebook Pages – it’s Word of Mouth……on steroids

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