Man shot, killed in Roswell



ROSWELL - Roswell police are searching for any information they can gather to help catch the person who shot and killed a 42-year-old Hispanic delivery man Dec. 6 at Frazier Street Apartments.

Ismael C. Orta, 42, of Roswell died at North Fulton Regional Hospital as a result of being shot once in the chest with a large caliber bullet, said Lt. James McGee, a spokesman for the Roswell Police Department.

“We don’t have any suspects at this time,” said McGee. “As far as leads, we’re trying to develop them as we question people.”

McGee said Orta was a delivery driver who would pick up clothing and other items, then drive them to Mexico. He said investigators know based on forensics that Orta got out of his pick-up truck, turned to look at something and was shot with either a large-caliber handgun or rifle.

“We don’t know if someone called him or he noticed something — we just don’t know,” he said.

Orta then apparently staggered to an apartment on Marlin Drive and knocked on the door. When the residents opened the door, they found him lying on the ground bleeding to death.

They immediately called police, said McGee, who found Orta on the ground in front of the apartment.

The police spokesman would not say whether Orta knew the people he had gone to for help.

“We know where he lived and basically what he was doing in the area,” said McGee.

“But as far as any particular person [with whom he was meeting] or motive, we don’t have anything like that.”

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