Man on the Street: Most memorable Valentine’s Day



Kim Dodson


“One year in high school, my valentine left me a small, cute gift in my locker between each period. I thought it was really cute.”

Nicole Smith


“A few years ago on Valentine’s Day, my husband took me to the circus, and I really enjoyed it.”

Christina Dooley


“One Valentine’s Day, a bunch of my girlfriends and I went to the movies in our PJs. It was fun, but it didn’t really capture the spirit of the holiday. Another memorable Valentine’s Day happened when I was 15. My boyfriend’s mom picked me up in her minivan to drive us to our date. I remember it because it was really funny.”

Nate Webster


“I always enjoyed decorating shoeboxes for Valentine’s Day in elementary school and receiving candy and cards from friends in them. It was fun.”

Jennie Montgomery


“One Valentine’s Day date that I really enjoyed was when my husband took me to the Chattahoochee River for a picnic. We ate steaks in candlelight, and it was really romantic.”

Lori Woods


“The Valentine’s Day before I was engaged to my husband, he decided to wrap up and give me this small box. I really thought he was going to propose because we had been dating for a long time and the moment seemed right. When I opened it, I was expecting a ring. It turned out to be a pair of earrings. I couldn’t believe it. I finally got the ring in April.”

Anna Wood


“On my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend, we decided to go to the midnight premiere showing of some movie. It turned into a disaster. We got lost, it was raining and everything just got kind of crazy. We didn’t get home until really late, but it was fun because I got to do something crazy with my boyfriend.”

Lori Hetherington


“My husband and I got married in October, and one of the gifts we were presented was a gift card to a restaurant that used to be called Van Gogh’s. I think it may be called VG now, but it is in Roswell. My husband and I decided to go there for our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple and had a really nice dinner.”

Christy Jolle


“My first date with my husband was on New Year’s Eve, and six weeks later, we were engaged on Valentine’s Day. Every year since that first year we were engaged, I have written my husband a poem. That’s 39 poems in total that fill an entire three-ring binder. I’m not the best at writing poems, but all sorts like couplets and sonnets. I’ve filled these poems with all the memories we’ve had together, both the good and bad. I always read them on Valentine’s Day after we’ve eaten our heart-shaped pancakes with strawberries and cranberry juice because they are red. It’s a big event. My kids always want to be there because they know I’m going to cry. This year, it’s his first turn in 39 years to write the poem though.”

Caroline Lee

Johns Creek

“I remember one Valentine’s Day my ex-boyfriend played a song on the piano for me. It was one that I had taught him. He wasn’t very good, but it was pretty impressive and funny that he wanted to play for me. He later said that he was nervous because I play so well and know the song he played, so I would catch all his mistakes. He just played the piano. He didn’t give me any chocolate or anything, but it was definitely the most memorable Valentine’s Day I ever had.”

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