Man caught taking iPad from car in Alpharetta



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A restaurant manager was arrested Feb. 7 after allegedly trying to steal an iPad 2 from a vehicle at a gas station.

The victim told police he parked at the Shell gas station on Old Milton Parkway at 8:50 p.m., leaving his car unlocked and the engine running. He went inside to pick up some groceries.

While he was inside, he said he saw two people – a man and woman – walk around his SUV. The victim said the woman appeared to be a lookout and the man was standing by the vehicle’s driver’s side door.

The victim came out and noticed his iPad 2 missing from the car seat. He confronted the people who denied knowing anything. A search of the area by the victim turned up the device hidden near where the man, Trevor Ernesto Araya, 27, of Pinehigh Drive, Alpharetta, was standing.

When police arrived, Araya, a manager of a Sausalito restaurant in Atlanta, allegedly said the woman was not involved and the couple needed the money.

Araya was arrested for entering auto.

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