Making space for the parents



With our aging population it has become more common to have home buyers put an in-law suite on the list of desired features for a home. According to Census data, about 9 percent of older Americans live with family.

There are really about three different in-law suite options in our area.

The first, and most often thought of, is in a finished basement. This is also the easiest to find.

Finished basements with a bedroom, bath and kitchen are fairly common and it isn’t terribly expensive to finish a basement out this way.

The only downside would be stairs if your parents were at the age where going up and down stairs were difficult.

The next option would be a large bedroom on the main floor.

While this type of floor plan exists, it is much more difficult to find.

Typically you have the master bedroom on the main, which would be the only “master” in the home, or you would have a standard secondary bedroom on the main floor.

The remaining bedrooms would be upstairs, which again, could be a problem.

Finally, on larger lots, it is possible to find a property with a guest house.

This might be the perfect solution, as it allows for parents to be close by, but have a place to make their own.

And let’s be honest. I’m sure everyone would want to make allowances for their parents to live with them. In-laws though? Maybe not so much.

The fact that my mom might be reading this and my mother-in-law won’t has no bearing at all on that statement.

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