Making a Move



Halle Berry is engaged in a custody dispute with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey. At issue is Ms. Berry’s expected move to France. Her reason, among many, for moving to France is the lack of the presence of paparazzi in the France. So what, you might say, what does that have to do with me? I’m in a custody dispute, but I am not Ms. Berry, I am not moving to France and paparazzi…. REALLY??!!!

But what if you are about to participate in a divorce and you want to move closer to your family or other support system? What if you need to take another job to make more money now that you are going to be divorced? What if you are already divorced, you have custody of your children and you get promoted……to San Diego? What if your ex is getting married…. to a guy in Portland? Hundreds of Georgians face divorce each and every day and many are faced with moving from Georgia or a soon to be ex-spouse moving from the state at the conclusion of the divorce. What is a parent to do?

You should know that a move is a factor the court must consider in determining custody. You should also know that if you are already divorced, a move is what is called a “material change of circumstances” which can (note can, but not always) be the basis for a change in custody of the children of the family If a move could be a part of your family’s divorce, or if either you or your ex may be contemplating a move after an award of custody of your children, make sure that you contact a family law professional. There are a number of considerations when contemplating a move with the children of divorce. Make sure that you get enough help so that you can make the right move.

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