Lost school days: State allows flexibility for lost time

Resolution to waive makeup days



ATLANTA – School systems across the state may have flexibility in how they make up school days lost to the unusually severe weather this winter.

Many school systems across the state have lost at least a week of classroom time, with some districts in the more northern parts of the state nearing two weeks off so far this year.

According to officials with the Georgia Department of Education (GDOE), districts have four emergency days that they do not need to make up under state law. Emergency situations include disasters, acts of God, civil disturbance or shortfall in resources. Beyond those four days, there may be options for further waivers.

“We are planning to take a resolution to the State Board [this week] giving systems the flexibility to not make up the days that were declared a state of emergency [Jan. 29-30],” said Matt Cardoza, director of communication for GDOE.

“We are also adding the days from [last] week to the resolution,” he said. “I want to stress that it gives flexibility to not make up those days. Districts can certainly still make them up if they wish.”

The state law applies to all districts, including charter systems such as the Fulton School System.

Fulton Schools has already waived four makeup days, but is facing a decision on how to handle the three additional days taken during the Feb. 11-13 snow event.

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