Losing weight and keeping it off: Eight Tips from GMC-Duluth’s Center for Surgical Weight Management



Many Americans vow each January that this will be the year they lose weight. And for those who do lose, the challenge becomes maintaining that new weight in a culture that has supersized food portions and has us moving less.  On top of that, we’re all being told we should eat healthier diets. It can be so confusing that you just want to rip open a bag of chips and forget about it. But don’t. Studies show that better nutrition and controlling your weight are keys to improving health.

As a bariatrics leader among metro Atlanta hospitals, GMC-Duluth’s Center for Surgical Weight Management offers these tips, which are appropriate for everyone who wants to control weight and amp up nutrition:

  1. Watch portion size – Portions have ballooned in America. A cup of coffee used to be six ounces; a steak, three or four ounces.
  1. Use a smaller plate – We’re programmed from childhood to fill our plates and eat all that’s on it. Instead use a smaller plate. And don’t let yourself go back for seconds.
  1. Eat breakfast – Eating a small meal with some protein and fiber can give you more control over your appetite the rest of the day.
  1. Protein first – Plan your meals around lean protein, and eat your protein first.
  1. Vegetables second – Fill half your plate with vegetables for a variety of vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  1. Whole grains third – Swap white carbs for whole grains, like brown rice or whole wheat pasta. These give you more fiber and minerals, and help you feel satisfied longer.
  1. Eat mIndfully – Stop eating in the car, at your desk or in front of television. Set the table and dine with others. Really taste your food. Talk about your day together. Mealtime is about both the nutrition and the company.
  1. Move more- While planned exercise keeps our hearts healthy and bodies strong, being more active is key to weight management. Walk more, sit less.

You can make 2013 the year you transform your life for good. If you find that dieting and exercise alone aren’t the answer for you, bariatric surgery may give you the tool you need for success.

The comprehensive weight management program at GMC-Duluth’s Center for Surgical Weight Management can assist patients in achieving significant weight loss, long-term weight maintenance and improvement in obesity-related medical conditions.

The program includes

  • Information seminars
  • Clothing exchange closet
  • Fun physical activity classes
  • Massage therapy services
  • Nutritional counseling and classes
  • Long-term support and life coaching classes

To learn more, visit gwinnettbariatrics.org. Here you will find dates and times where you can attend a free information session with the Center’s Medical Director Robert Richard, M.D., FACS, or participate in an online seminar. To speak with someone about bariatric surgery, please call 678-383-4881.

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