Local mystery author honored by international writers’ group



ROSWELL, Ga. – Local author Lee Gimenez has released his eighth novel and latest work, a mystery thriller titled “The Washington Ultimatum.” This novel was honored by being featured by the International Thriller Writers organization, the most prominent mystery/thriller organization in the world.

This honor was awarded to Gimenez, who has only written three mystery novels.

“When I first started writing novels, I wrote science fiction. In fact, my first five novels were sci-fi,” Gimenez said. “But I made a change several years ago, and began writing mystery thrillers. My first mystery was ‘The Nanotech Murders.’ Then I wrote ‘Black Snow Zero,’ and now my latest, ‘The Washington Ultimatum,’ is also a mystery thriller.

“‘The Washington Ultimatum’ is not a continuation of ‘BlackSnow Zero,’” he said. “It is a brand new novel, with new characters. In fact ‘The Washington Ultimatum’ introduces my series character, J.T. Ryan.”

Gimenez changes things up from his sci-fi novels by focusing “The Washington Ultimatum” on realistic topics that were inspired by real world events.

“The plot deals with terrorism striking the United States, much like the Sept. 11 events, but this time the terrorists are led by a beautiful American woman named Angel Stone,” Gimenez said.

Gimenez wrote “The Washington Ultimatum” and his seven other novels in a remarkably short amount of time. With his detailed routine writing process, he completes his books in under a year.

Gimenez’s novel was recently published by River Ridge Press, but he already has more in store. His novel will become a series when the “The Sigma Conspiracy” is published in 2014.

For more about Gimenez’s books, visit him online at www.leegimenez.com.

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