Local hair stylist retires after over 30 years

Chair has heard many stories



ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- If you've ever had your hair cut at the former Norman House Salon or Borelli's Salon in Alpharetta, you've probably seen Dan Wright.

Dan has cut hair in the Alpharetta area for over 30 years but as of Friday, Aug. 2, he's retired.

"I plan to play a lot of golf," Wright said as he cut his last client, Steve Smith's hair.

Wright said he'll miss his clients but has developed friendships he feels will continue.

"I've met a lot of wonderful people throughout my career," he said.

Wright spent 20 years working for hair product company Redken as a trainer, spending weekends on the road and weekdays in a salon.

He's cut hair since the 1970's and has seen all kinds of interesting trends.

"I can't really pick one that was the worst," he said.

He said trends come and go and he just went with what people wanted.

Hairstylists are similar to bartenders, Wright said, and he's kept many secrets.

"You'd be surprised what clients tell their stylists," he said.

When prodded to reveal a few secrets, Wright refused.

"It wouldn't be right to break their confidence like that," he said.

But he wasn't opposed to telling a few stories.

Wright said when he and his client Steve Smith played golf once, a naked woman ran across the course.

"It was the best golf experience I've had," Wright said.

Smith agreed.

Wright's chair has seen the likes of many famous locals over the years.

Former Atlanta Brave Dale Murphy and PGA pro Larry Nelson have both been clients of Wright's.

He's also worked with local politicians and well-known residents in the Alpharetta area.

Cristine Holland, a stylist at Borelli's, has worked with Wright for over 15 years and said his chair was always occupied.

“He continually had a stream of clients,” she said. “People who've followed him throughout his career.”

Holland said Wright treats his coworkers and clients like family.

“We're really going to miss him,” she said.

Wright said the best thing about his job has been the clients.

“I'm really going to miss them," he said. "But I'm looking forward to playing a lot of golf.”

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