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ROSWELL, Ga. — Nick Howrey, a 16-year-old sophomore at Centennial High School will release his debut EP of original music in early March. Howrey collaborated with local musician and friend, Jim Brown of Alpharetta. Working in the basement studio at Howrey’s house, Brown and Howrey spent hours together working through the arrangements expressing their personalities through their music. The songs were produced and recorded at Whippoorwill Studios in Marietta.

How did your first song, “My Companion,” come about?

In September of 2013, Jim came to me with an idea for a melody. He played that for me and I was like, “This is good.” Let me write some lyrics. At this point, we were just writing one song, but it went so well, we decided to make this EP. This was really the first time I had focused on writing a song, and I went through a lot of drafts to get to the final product. This song is about how everything around you can find a partner, find love. But not yourself.

Then came “Spinning.” What is the origin of that one?

Again, Jim brought in a musical idea and I worked with him to arrange the song and write the lyrics. “Spinning” is about a person. A girl. It’s like I had this vision…she wants to be something she can’t be and she feels like everything is against her.

Next, “Suited Soldiers.” Explain.

Well, this is about how people are turning a blind eye to the less fortunate. Jim brought in the music here again and I wrote the lyrics, and then we got back together and put it all together.

So, three piano ballads and now a clever guitar-based country tune called, “Never Left Nashville.” Interesting. How did it come into play?

Well, initially I wanted to write a country song while visiting Nashville in December. Once there, I didn’t find time to write it. On the way out of town heading back to Atlanta with my Uncle Mick, I had a picture painted in my head based on my visit. While driving back to Atlanta, I realized I could leave Nashville and go to my home, but some don’t ever get to leave. Perhaps they are homeless. Perhaps he’s a musician who isn’t quite good enough to make it.

You named your EP “Liv.” Why, and why the spelling?

Well, I think it’s great to live life the best we can…It’s me saying, “Live life because life is for the living.” Also, in the spelling I’ve used, it refers to a girl who is prettier than the rest.

Visit nickhowrey.com to download songs, learn more about Howrey and watch him perform songs by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Elvis, U2 and more with his band the Free Byrds. His next shows are March 2 at the Hard Rock Café in Atlanta, March 15 at the Roswell Beer Festival and March 28 at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta.

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