Local Boy Scout earns award for heroism



JOHNS CREEK -- Eleven-year-old Autrey Mill Middle School student Adam Puckett earned the Boy Scout Medal of Merit for assisting his father after he fell down a hill and broke his arm.

According to the official account of the event from the Boy Scouts of America, Adam Puckett accompanied his father, Reid Puckett, and siblings Marie, Carter and Sam to the Toccoa River for some fishing. While climbing down a gravel embankment wearing sandals, Reid Puckett fell and landed on his left arm. His son used his Scout skills to deal with the situation. He sent the panicking Carter Puckett back to the car to wait for him, then retrieved his father’s cell phone to inform his mother, Lisa, about what happened.

Due to the location, it would take a long time for an ambulance to arrive. Adam helped his father back up the hill, so he could return to the family cabin. Once they began driving, Adam Puckett assisted his father, who was in such pain he could barely see the road. He told his father about turns and potholes (which caused Reid excruciating pain). They made it to the seven-tenths of a mile back to the cabin, and Lisa Puckett drove everyone to the Fannin Regional Hospital.

Reid Puckett ultimately required the installation of two steel plates, 15 screws and many steel pins to repair his fractured humerus (upper arm). He credits his son with keeping a bad situation from turning into a disaster. Adam Puckett was able to calm his younger siblings, maintain order, seek help and move his injured father (who greatly outweighed him) to safety. He assisted Reid Puckett in driving to the cabin so his mother could take over. Even at the hospital, the Boy Scout kept track of his younger siblings so his mother could assist his father.

It is for all this that the Milton District Heroism Review Committee unanimously recommended Adam Puckett receive the Medal of Merit. He officially received the medal and knot on Feb. 5 at the Milton District Boy Scouts of America Banquet, which was held at St. David’s Episcopal Church.

Johns Creek

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