Listening to your employees improves business



Do you have a formal process to solicit suggestions from your employees?

Are you using their input to improve your small business?

Do your employees know how important this is, and are they encouraged to continue to bring forward their ideas?

Listening to your employees will provide you with a multitude of ideas, suggestions and information to help grow your small business.

It is very important that you communicate to your employees that their input is important to improving your business, and then give them an easy way to make suggestions.

If your employees don’t feel that you are listening to their suggestions, the likelihood of them conveying them will be very low.

Formalizing this process will stress the importance that any idea or suggestion is welcome, appreciated, and important.

When employees come to you with suggestions, don’t be distracted or interrupt them.

Just listen to them and provide non-verbal feedback, like nodding your head, to convey that you are listening to them.

Think before you respond to what they say, as some great ideas may take a while to be completely understood.

Rewarding your employees for providing suggestions will encourage them to continually look for ways to improve your business.

Having a company culture where your employees know their ideas and suggestions are heard will improve productivity, employee retention, and inspire innovation. Making this a regular activity in your small business will help you get a lot of new ideas to grow your small business.

This article appeared in the July 17 edition of the Forsyth Herald.

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