Lionheart Focuses on Individual Differences



The Lionheart School was founded in 2000 by parents and professionals who struggled to find an appropriate setting that would serve children with special needs. Lionheart is a 501(c)(3) accredited by SACS/SAIS for children from age 4-21, and has certified master level Special Education teachers, and therapists licensed in their respective fields. Lionheart provides academic, therapeutic and outreach programs for students who have difficulty with learning, sensory processing, motor planning, receptive and expressive language, attention, memory, executive function, or social interactions. Lionheart crafts a program suited to each student’s profile; resulting in a supportive environment that addresses each child’s emotional, social and intellectual development.

A psychologist who specializes in appropriate school settings said of Lionheart: “The warm, encouraging atmosphere along with the expertise to assess how to teach students as individual learners. . .AND the one stop shopping for the multiple therapies that a child needs makes Lionheart a good fit! I am impressed with the number of opportunities your students have to engage in communication. . . it is obvious that they have opportunities for diverse social interactions across multiple settings. This type of supportive educational environment will make a critical difference in their lives.” Learn more at

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