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Filmmaker Andrew Jenks surprises JCHS student at film camp



JOHNS CREEK,Ga.—When 16-year-old Megan Hajduk tweeted her favorite filmmaker Andrew Jenks she never expected him to show up to her film camp in New York City—but he did.

When the Johns Creek High School student attended the SOCAPA School of Creative and Performing Arts’ film camp for two weeks starting June 16, she said she decided to ask him to come speak to her class not expecting a response.

“It was pretty surreal, and it was really cool too when he walked in,” Hajduk said. “It was the last day of camp and he is one of my favorite filmmakers. It was really awesome for him to be able to watch my film and to actually talk to him.”

Jenks has a television show on MTV called “World of Jenks” where he lives with a bunch of different types of people for a year and documents their lives. Hajduk said she thinks it is very interesting.

When Jenks spoke to Hajduk’s camp group he told them about his experiences, his life as a filmmaker and his upcoming film festival.

“He basically said the biggest thing is when someone says no, that is the starting point Hajduk said.

Hajduk’s mother Cindy Hajdukkk, said she couldn’t be happier Jenks decided to surprise her daughter at camp.

“It was an amazing experience for her to have, and she is already planning on going back,” Cindy Hajduk said. “For him to come and meet her because he supports youth in the film industry was great, hopefully it will open many other doors for her.”

Megan Hajduk is in the broadcast video program at Johns Creek High School, and plans to gain college credit from her next film camp. She said she wants to pursue a career in filmography.

This article appeared in the July 11 edition of the Johns Creek Herald.

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