Letter to the editor: Re: Milton Lights Holiday Tree



Sir, I am confused and request that you enlighten me. In this week’s issue of the Milton Herald, the feature article reads “Milton Lights Holiday Tree,” [Dec. 5 issue] by Jonathan Copsey. The article goes on to mention a “Saint Nick” who arrived by fire truck “…and greeted the children…” My questions are, what “holiday” is represented by said “tree” and what relevance does this “Saint Nick” fellow have to do with this unspecified event? I understand that it is too early to celebrate Arbor Day. Could the “holiday tree,” as you mention, have any relation to the “Christmas tree” which originated in Germany in the 16th century and has been a part of our American culture since we formed? Would this “Saint Nick” be related to Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of Christmas, which will be celebrated on the 25th of this month?

On page 20, of the same issue, I read with interest the article by Shari Perkins, “Pop-up Christmas tree businesses.” It relates the origins of “Big John’s Christmas trees” since 1949 and its traditions in Atlanta. Would this “Christmas tree” article have any connection with your article about the “Holiday tree?” Would they be one in the same?

What can we expect next, an article on a Holiday Candelabra, in lieu of a Menorah?

I would hate to think that my favorite weekly form of the printed local news has become a victim of the secular progressives who are hijacking our culture. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah.



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