Letter to the editor: Doctors, medical care were superb



Dear Dr. Rupal P. Gupta and Dr. Jill K. Stepnicka:

You have restored my family’s faith in the medical world. In the last two-and-a-half years, I have experienced medical care from an E.R. and hospital that you would think would only be seen in a third world country. I was terrified to go further to get the surgery I needed from a very bad car accident and trusted no one because of the care my husband and I received. Because it was taking me so long to heal with eight broken bones and I was not even told that I needed care for certain injuries. This also caused our insurance on the person who hit us head-on with a car to run out of time, so all our bill was not paid on their behalf.

Dr. Gupta and Dr. Stepnika, I cannot thank you enough for the care I received from you and all your office staff! Not just for your professional care, but the most compassion and patience we have ever received from any medical facility or hospital in our lives, and we are 54 and 52 years old. Here and at the hospital at Emory at Johns Creek, they would even assure and take care of my husband while he was waiting on my surgery because they knew of the horrible way we were treated elsewhere; and there was knowing we could have done at that time of the accident to help ourselves, but we did pray to our heavenly father. At many times during my care there I would say thank you, and they would say you don’t have to thank me, it’s my job! I told them I do need to thank you because you exceed just being professional. I am amazed at their kindness. I still am in awe and it bring tears to my eyes and gratefulness to my soul that there are human beings out there this way.

I told my husband we would be so blessed if we had their offices and hospital nearer to home so we could be assured if ever needed we could be close by. This would take anxiety away from me to know us and our loved ones would be treated with good care.

I want to thank everyone at Emory at Johns Creek Hospital, from the wonderful nurse in admissions who made me feel so at ease and the surgical staff who was just incredible and that includes the anesthesiologist. All you beautiful souls in the surgical room, thank you so much!

It would be wonderful if all other physicians and hospitals could take lessons from the people I and my husband met during our time here; it would be a much better world. My prayers were answered, after all the opinions I went for, God led me here! It has restored my faith in human beings and in the medical world.

I hope that everyone that helped us will also receive such kindness as we have.

Dr. Gupta and Dr. Stepnicka; Dawn, you are an amazing person; and Carol, thank you for answering the phone and encouraging me and telling me these doctors are caring - you led me there.

God Bless you and to all your loved ones.


Cheryl Cooper

Hoschton, Ga.

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