Letter to the Editor: Roswell breaking covenant with vets for moving Faces of War Memorial



As the designer and major fund-raiser and contributor to help the Vietnam Vets create and erect the Faces of War Memorial, I have voiced my objection for years to breaking Roswell’s covenant with the thousands of Veterans who shed blood, lives, sweat and tears to erect this Memorial.

Moving the Memorial out of the way for a meaningless open space with a fountain is wrong.  I have listened to all the shallow excuses while they tore out the protective shrubbery shielding the base of the Memorial from the highway. 

 I knew when the vets who spilled blood, lives and lost limbs heard that the Faces of War Memorial might be moved, they would speak out, and now they have. 

They should not have to fight this battle with the City Council.  What a shame.


Faces of War Architect/Planner

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