Letter to the Editor: More gun laws won’t curb gun violence



Gun violence is certainly an issue in the United States. The school shootings were awful, but how do they compare to DUI deaths on a per capita basis? I don’t have figures, but way more kids are killed by drunk drivers every year. How about obesity? Tens of thousands of Americans will die every year from weight and fitness-related health problems.

Your suggestion that more laws are going to help simply doesn’t stand up to past experience. Our government can’t or won’t enforce gun laws currently on the books.

I am not entirely objective in this discussion, since I am a competitive “high power” shooter. I shoot in a class called “service rifle.” The AR platform dominates this class and is by far the most accurate and reliable rifle for serious competition.

Go to www.thecmp.org for more information.

We should also be blunt about the “trust” issue. Do responsible gun owners (or any other citizen for that matter) trust the same government that brought us Waco, Ruby Ridge and Fast and Furious?

How about the TSA? I am a high-time pilot and we all know that TSA is just an expensive joke.

I think the answer is no, we don’t trust the government. They are spending the country into bankruptcy. My dad is a decorated Korean War vet. He always told me to “love your country,” but “don’t trust your government.”



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