Letter to the Editor: Mayor shows vision for city’s future



Congratulations on your vision for our city. I am wholeheartedly in support of your ideas and would like to offer my support in any way I can. As a long-term resident of the Johns Creek area, I have always thought that as a city, we need a center, a gathering space for the community.

My wife and I frequently visit Norcross and Duluth for restaurants, because they have a community atmosphere that leaves the impression of “welcome home.”

I am very pleased with the progress and city of Johns Creek. I just think we need a city center or for lack of a better analogy…a heart.

I was raised in a township that was a nice community, but the citizens never had a gathering place. There was nowhere to point to and say this is the city I live in. I feel a sense of belonging and identity can only be achieved by developing a “downtown.”

Please continue to work toward this goal. Keep up the good work.

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