Letter to the Editor: Holiday cheers for Roswell city employees



As Christmas Eve dawned, I awoke to a driving rain and the sad realization that I still had a bit of shopping to do. No work, mind you – it was a holiday for me, but I still had some shopping to do. In the rain. Poor me.

It was then that I heard the Roswell Sanitation truck pull up. Outside, a couple of city employees went about their work, just like they do every week. In the rain. In the heat. Doesn’t matter, they come and our trash disappears.

But, it’s not just them. If a water main burst, city crews would leave their families to stand in icy water and sub-freezing temperatures to get the water running again.

If a storm dropped trees across our roads, transportation crews would be out to clear them away, while we hunkered down in our homes. And, when the weather cleared and we finally got outside, our recreation staff would make sure our parks were ship shape and ready to welcome us.

God forbid that something were to happen to us – holiday, icy day, any day; but if it did, Roswell’s first responders – fire, police and emergency services – would come to our rescue. All the while, behind the scenes, the administrative, financial and community development staffs would make sure that the business of Roswell continued.

In an era where it’s popular to complain about government (and there’s a lot to complain about in Atlanta and Washington), it’s good to remember how fortunate we are in Roswell. Sure, every once in a while there’s a glitch that makes news, but most of the time things operate smoothly and without a thought from the citizenry. Elected officials come and go, and, by-and-large, are well-meaning folks. However, I’m sure all would agree that it’s the city’s employees who make this one of the best places to live in America.



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