Letter to editor: Taxpayers should look close at Johns Creek City Council’s actions



I’ve raised a family in Johns Creek and I also served on the Johns Creek Community Association Board. I am currently serving on the boards of Johns Creek Beautification and the advisory board of Johns Creek Advantage, our new economic development program for Johns Creek.

Like most of the citizens of Johns Creek, I rely on our elected officials to do what is best to position our city for continued growth, safety and prosperity. The most recent actions of our City Council concerned me so I decided to start asking questions.

On June 19 of this year, the Johns Creek City Council voted 5-0 to do an investigation of Mike Bodker, the current mayor. There was only one councilmember, Kelly Stewart, that opposed this investigation and she was on a planned family vacation and not present for the discussion or the vote.

• Why did they instigate this investigation right before elections?

• What brought this on? What were the allegations?

• If most of the allegations are from past years, why didn’t they bring this forward earlier?

• Why did the council choose to hire an outside party to do the investigation at the taxpayer’s expense?

There were other ways to do this investigation that would not have cost the taxpayers any money. Why would they not follow the established Johns Creek ethics policy that currently exists? It would not be an additional cost to the taxpayers.

This investigation is now in the fourth month and we are approaching $40,000 in costs and still nothing has been reported. But remember that now it is October and only a few weeks away from the election.

Bev Miller is one of our founding city councilmembers and has decided to run for mayor. By failing to resign her council position just a few short weeks before the published August qualifying period, her actions now require the city to hold a costly special election in January to fill her position. The estimate to run this special election is $144,913.76.

Do we need to investigate the mayor? I don’t know. My question is if we did, why did we wait until now to do it? Karen Richardson, Ivan Figueroa and Bev Miller have been members of the City Council for seven years. If they are asking for records from the past seven years, why did they wait so long?

If they knew something was going on, they should have done this investigation long before now.

Freda Hardage

Johns Creek

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