Letter to editor: Gun rebuttal short on facts



(This letter responds to the Jim Hargreaves letter on gun control and gun policy)

Sorry Jim, but your response to Hatcher Hurd is way off base. You have to learn to distinguish between facts and opinions.

Because you and your BFFs believe something is true, that does not make it a fact. This is an example of a fact:

In 2006 Japan had two homicides with a gun. Another fact: Japan has extremely restricted access to firearms. My conclusion, which is an opinion, is that the reason Japan has so few homicides with a gun is because they have such restricted access to firearms.

The United States had over 11,000 murders with a gun last year. We have very easy access to firearms in this country.

My conclusion ( opinion ) based on these facts is that easy access to guns is a major contributor to gun violence in this country.

With regard to the 2nd Amendment, you should be aware that when it was instituted it did not limit in any way state and local governments from passing laws regulating gun access including total prohibition.

It only prevented the national government from limiting a state’s ability to set up a militia. It is only an absurd ruling by the Supreme Court that has brought this about. This last statement is, of course, an opinion.

Also, keep in mind, that the country with the lowest gun ownership rate in the world is Tunisia and yet these people were able to rise up and overthrow a brutal dictatorship and start the Arab Spring.

Also, keep in mind that what people see as government oppression comes in many forms. A hundred and fifty years ago white Southerners saw the end of slavery as government oppression. Fifty years ago white Southerners saw equal access for blacks to toilets and schools as government oppression. If we learn anything from our history it is that we cannot have millions of people armed with semi-automatic weapons ready to engage in armed struggle against what they currently see as “government oppression.”


Johns Creek

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