Letter to Editor: People not served with ill-timed Johns Creek mayoral investigation



The day Johns Creek became a reality was as exciting a time as I can remember. The founders of this great city had an opportunity to create a new government. Such an opportunity is rarely presented in a lifetime.

The bloom is off the rose as we are immersed in political jousting, a pending mayoral investigation and the first-ever contested race for mayor.

A few observations for your consideration.

Mayor Mike Bodker, whom I know, has guided Johns Creek well during its formative years.

You cannot question the commitment to his political promises or his tireless efforts to put Johns Creek on the map. Until proven otherwise, I say he’s a stand-up guy.

Our City Council has also performed in exemplary fashion for their constituents. I know many of these folks and have stood in the rain with signs and gone door-to-door campaigning for them. Until proven otherwise, I say they are stand-up people.

That brings us to the “investigation” of Mayor Bodker. Good people can disagree and politically debate and we can likely agree that it is healthy to do so. The problem is that as public servants, or anyone in a position of trust, politicians would be wise to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. This investigation may have merit or not. It may be conducted properly or not.

However, the fact that its purpose is undisclosed and that it was initiated when unlikely to be completed in advance of the upcoming election appears that it might be politically motivated. This is exacerbated by the fact that the mayor’s challenger is part of the process.

My point is this. The investigation could hurt the mayor or not. It could reflect badly on the investigators and council or not. To avoid this confusion and innuendo, why not investigate at a time when it won’t taint an election, or wait until after the election is concluded?

Until then however, good people on both sides are better to avoid in the future conducting an ambiguous investigation during an election season.

Scott Barksdale


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