Lemonade Wars at Dolvin Elementary School



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Dolvin Elementary School was the site of a recent Lemonade War that students waged in order to raise money for the Rally Foundation and the Red Cross.

Actually, the Lemonade War wasn’t a war as much as it was a competitive fundraiser, and these competing lemonade stands were not built on the school campus, but rather on the grounds of surrounding neighborhoods.

Students went home and formed teams with other students that lived in their neighborhood, sequestering help from their neighbors, parents and even the Johns Creek Fire Department. These teams built lemonade stands, banners and advertisements to entice people to buy lemonade. Each neighborhood tried to sell more lemonade than the other.

In the end, all the money was consolidated into a single school fund to donate to two charities. In just two hours, a total of over $2,000 was raised for the Rally Foundation and the Red Cross.

The Rally Foundation is an organization that raises money to fund Childhood Cancer Research. The money that was given to the Red Cross was for the purpose of supporting the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York.

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