Law will regulate where adult novelty stores can operate



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — In looking at the Forsyth County adult entertainment law, County Attorney Ken Jarrard said he found a loophole.

“The problem is attempting to get ahead of curve on this issue,” Jarrard said.

Jarrard said there's an area in the adult entertainment law that offers new businesses “a loophole.”

Adult entertainment businesses are allowed to operate in light industrial and heavy industrial zoned portions of the county, but cannot serve alcohol.

“Our adult entertainment ordinance clearly speaks and regulates adult dancing, adult live entertainment, adult books, magazines, videos, etc...”

But in the area of adult novelties — such as adult toys — there's no language in the current law that captures that sort of thing.

“We have been hearing some individuals are having some interest in that,” Jarrard said.

Jarrard said City of Milton has some already crafted a strong opposition to adult novelty businesses and he said mimicking their law makes sense.

Jarrard is also the attorney for City of Milton.

“If you want to ensure that adult novelties and things of that nature are treated similarly to other sorts of adult materials, we would probably need an ordinance change,” Jarrard told Board of Commissioners members at their June 24 work session.

“It might be nice to have that in place now. Once an application is made, as you all know, it's too late and they will basically be unregulated,” Jarrard said.

The commissioners voted unanimously to have Jarrard bring back language similar to the City of Milton for a public hearing.


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