Lake Windward Elementary celebrates Thanksgiving



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Lake Windward Elementary School students celebrated the start of the Thanksgiving season Nov. 14 at the school with the annual kindergarten feast.

Teachers, parents and kindergartners all gathered at the school cafeteria to celebrate the holiday of giving thanks. The students used the event to dress up in a variety of costumes that were all Thanksgiving themed. Some were pilgrims, some were Indians and some were even turkeys.

The holiday event started well before Nov. 14. In the weeks prior, the kindergartners prepared a show for all the parents attending the feast. Finally on the day of the event, the parents were able to enjoy a musical presentation put together by the kindergartners and their teachers while they feasted on a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberries.

The PTA-sponsored event has become a much anticipated tradition in the school.

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