LOOK AHEAD: City of Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker says 2013 most ambitious works program yet

2013: Year of improvements



JOHNS CREEK, GA. – The year ahead: In Johns Creek we start thinking in terms of the upcoming year when we hammer out the budget over the summer. This year, as is always the case, we seek out ways to do more with less while staying true to our commitments to excellent customer service, transparency and fiscal responsibility.

This year’s budget includes one of the most ambitious public works programs we have seen since forming the city in 2006.

While we beg your patience during the construction phases of these improvements, I know we are fortunate to have a community that understands and appreciates that a small inconvenience now means tremendous benefits down the road.

In 2013, you will see:

** Improvements continue along Jones Bridge Road from Waters Road, all the way up to Douglas Road.

** Our city-wide Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) continues to roll out onto Old Alabama, Jones Bridge and McGinnis Ferry roads as we seek out creative ways to move traffic quickly and safely through our city.

** State Bridge Road, where ITS has been completed this year, is slated for some resurfacing.

** You will begin to see median beautification on State Bridge between Jones Bridge and Medlock Bridge roads.

In late 2013, the city will address the long-standing traffic issue at Bell and Boles roads and begin construction of a roundabout. Again, there will be short-term inconvenience for long-term benefits.

Ongoing, with these and other projects slated for 2013, the city will keep an open dialogue with the community and keep you abreast of start and completion dates.

Our budget continues to shrink as the economy starts and stops on the long-awaited recovery. We have had several positive signals. Foreclosures are down slightly, housing permits are showing positive trends, as are new business license filings.

I am hopeful that as we move through 2013 these indicators will continue to reflect growth.

During 2013, you will be hearing more and more about the Johns Creek Advantage (formerly the Economic Development Corp.)

The city has entered into a partnership with the Johns Creek Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce and key stakeholders to develop a plan that will address our city’s unique challenges and opportunities to retain and grow our current businesses to encouraging new businesses to choose Johns Creek.

Finally, in 2013, several of our City Council seats are up for election. I expect there will be some intelligent and lively dialogue about where we have come since 2006 and what the city’s future will look like.

What I am most hopeful for is that our citizens will be an active part of those discussions. It is my hope that you will become more involved and importantly, you will go out and register to vote and make the time to get to the polls. We all need to hear your voice.

In closing, it is my pleasure on behalf of myself, our City Council and everyone at City Hall, to wish our citizens, businesses and our neighbors a happy, healthy and blessed 2013.

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