LETTER TO EDITOR: Johns Creek massage parlors raise citizen concerns



I have recently become quite concerned about the number of massage parlors that are concentrated in an approximate 3-mile stretch of Ga. 141 between Pleasant Hill and McGinnis Ferry roads.

I wondered how there could be this much massage business for there to be this many places in such a short distance.

When I looked more closely at these places, I saw that the windows were covered and it was dark inside. These places look nothing like the well known massage and day spa establishments.

Now I know why.

I was curious and googled massage parlors in Johns Creek. When I did so I was taken to a website that listed 7 massage parlors in Johns Creek under the heading of "erotic massage and happy endings."

I believe we know the meaning of this. I am appalled and quite angry that these places have been allowed to come into this city. Such businesses do not represent the values, image and stature that I thought Johns Creek was striving for.

I hope the citizens of this city are taking note of this, and even more, I hope the city government is prepared to properly investigate and take appropriate action.


Johns Creek

This article was published in the Johns Creek Herald April 25, 2013 edition