LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Hamilton focused on committees, legislation



As I begin my fourth term, my District number changed from 23 to 24, and became much smaller geographically and the number of constituents because of the tremendous growth in Forsyth County and the recent reapportionment process.

I am chairman of the Industry and Labor Committee and also serve on the Appropriations, Governmental Affairs, Rules, Transportation and Energy and Utilities committees.

I introduced four pieces of legislation two weeks ago that were assigned to committee, three of which are related to events that occurred last year in Forsyth County.

House Bill 126 is in response to a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers park ranger being assaulted and there not being a provision for state felony charges.

H.B. 126 will make this option available without having to file federal charges.

H.B. 139 is in response to the potentially embarrassing situation caused when the three candidates for Forsyth County Sheriff actually did not meet state qualifying criteria last year.

H.B. 139 would change the qualifying criteria to mirror most other candidates and eliminate confusion. House Resolution 72 will name the William Everett Bennett Memorial Interchange at the Ga. 400 and Ga. 141 interchange in honor of Everett Bennett, who passed away last year.

H.B. 154 is the annual workers compensation bill that updates legislation based on the consensus of the workers compensation advisory council that affects all companies in Georgia.

I have several other pieces of legislation that I am working on and considering sponsoring.

I feel confident that I will make my final decision on any other legislation by day 15, so that I can concentrate on my legislation and the committees that I serve on.

I am also working on adding money for the University of North Georgia campuses that was taken out but is really needed.

I will continue to bring effective conservative leadership to the Gold Dome to fight for job creation and the removal of governmental regulations and intervention so that the free market will work.

I will also continue to represent the citizens of Cumming and Forsyth County in a way that they know their voices are being heard.

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