Kimberly-Clark Professional gets LEED certified

Being green helps bottom line, say execs



ROSWELL, Ga. – Roswell’s Kimberly-Clark facility has become one of only three buildings in the state to be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certified – the highest “green” certification possible.

The Kimberly-Clark Professional Building 100 is the first in Roswell to get such a distinction. It received the LEED platinum award for existing buildings after renovations converted it from a traditional building to utilizing environmentally friendly practices, such as reclaiming rain water or lowering energy consumption.

The Roswell campus for Kimberly-Clark has six buildings, all of which are slated to eventually meet the guidelines. It sits on several acres of woodland just off Ga. 400 and Holcomb Bridge Road.

“Sustainability is a main focus for Kimberly-Clark,” said Sarah Walsh Smith, sustainability and operations manager for KC. “What better way than to begin at home?”

Using a motto of “Reduce today, respect tomorrow,” the company has made efforts to include environmentally conscious decisions in everyday life, including encouraging employees to drive electric or hybrid vehicles.

Building 100 was refitted to use reclaimed stormwater for irrigation, and has reduced water consumption by 30 percent. More than 80 percent of the building can use natural lighting instead of electricity.

“We have stepped up,” said Elane Stock, of Kimberly-Clark Professional. “For the younger generation, commitment to sustainability means something. We cannot ask our employees to do it without doing it ourselves.”

Lisa Morden, senior director of global sustainability, said going green was a sound business decision as well as good environmental stewardship.

“It’s important to look at these things in the long-term,” said Morden. “[By going green], we reduce risks, costs and drive our brand’s reputation. People want to do business with good citizens.”

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