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ALPHARETTA – Parents with young children know the difficulties that come along with them, and that anything that makes life even a little bit easier is useful. Luckily, Kids II is on the job.

The Alpharetta-based company is in the business of making innovative products for babies and parents. Since beginning over 40 years ago when a grandmother created a no-slip bath mat for toddlers, the company has expanded into a dominant force in the field of infant products, making such products as “Bright Starts” and the “Baby Einstein” lines.

“Bright Starts is the fastest-growing infant brand in the marketplace today,” said Miles Bohannan, vice president of marketing. “With our theme of making life simpler, we’re either number one or number two in the product categories that we make products for.”

That focus on making life simpler helps set Kids II apart.

“We come up with new ideas to make parents’ lives easier,” explained Jessica Kostyniak, vice president of product management. “Any company can come out with new features, but if it’s not meaningful and relevant for the parent, then you don’t have a story.”

Innovations such as a bouncer that bounces itself, instead of requiring the parent to continually do it, and a high chair with a swiveling tray for easier access and use are among the features in Kids II’s upcoming product line. Even the play pen has been tinkered with, adding a small incline to the base, so that when the baby is asleep, it won’t get an onset of acid reflux that can occur from staying flat.

As a part of the product launch, Kids II’s Alpharetta headquarters, located near North Point Mall, welcomed Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez and his family to preview the items.

“Anything that can help you and make life more convenient, it allows you to focus and pay attention more to the kids,” Gonzalez said, after noticing his family already had many of the company’s products. “And to do it with style and grace and core values, that’s a recipe for success for everybody.”

“All these toys let children learn, and it’s all beneficial for the children as well,” added his wife, October, who brought the couple’s two young children with her.

During the visit, the children proved beyond a doubt that Kids II knows its target audience; as the Kids II slogan says, “Life just got a little easier.”

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