Keep the Weight Off

Medi Weightloss Clinic offers expert medical help for losing weight without surgery or fad diets



Whether it’s losing 10 pounds to get in shape for a wedding or losing 100 pounds to save your life, weight loss isn’t easy. That’s why Dr. Susan Wheatley opened the Medi Weightloss Clinic. As a medical doctor, she noticed many of her patients were looking for a service that would help them safely lose weight, and the run-of-the-mill local options didn’t seem to be enough.

“Medi Weightloss has been around for nine years, they’re FDA approved and they offer professional medical guidance,” said Dr. Wheatley. She opened the Johns Creek branch in mid-February to offer locals a healthy, professional way of losing weight and keeping it off without resorting to fad diets or invasive surgery.

“We have physicians, nurse practitioners and nutritionists on staff, and, in addition to the physical aspects of weight loss, we stress nutrition and education,” Dr. Wheatley explained.

“Weight loss isn’t just about weight,” added Julie Ward, the Johns Creek office manager. “It’s about emotion, and this process changes people’s lives.” People in the Medi Weightloss program average about three to five pounds a week, which is about 20 pounds a month.

Your first visit will last two hours, and will be an intense examination and medical history. You’ll have a physical, an EKG, blood work, and a weight and BMI measurement. The nurse practitioner will go over your goals, and make recommendations about diet and exercise, as well as offering vitamin supplements and an appetite suppressant.

Follow-up visits are short, lasting around 10 minutes, and include optional vitamin B6 and B12 injections for energy, as well as weight measurements. “With our Tanita scale we can measure not just how much weight you’ve lost, but how much was water weight and how much was fat,” said Dr. Wheatley.

All the records are electronic, so you can follow your progress on the website, and the records can be sent to your primary care physician or cardiologist, who can then determine when to lower medications that control cholesterol or blood pressure. And that’s the real advantage of the Medi Weightloss process. By losing weight, you lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and your risk of heart disease or stroke. “You have a five-fold risk of stroke if you’re overweight,” said Dr. Wheatley.

And in addition to the focus on diet, physiology and nutrition, Medi Weightloss is committed to seeing you keep the weight off. They focus on education, and on teaching you to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise and appropriate portion sizes. “Our biggest goal is for patients to maintain weight loss, so that after a year they’ve kept it off,” said Dawnelle Steding, nurse practitioner at the Johns Creek location.

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