Jones Alley closed to traffic

Becomes pedestrian-only



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Jones Alley is no more. At least to traffic.

Such was the decision of the Alpharetta City Council May 12 at their regular meeting. The small, narrow, one-way alley links Ga. 9 with Old Roswell Street, which runs behind downtown. It is often used as a cut-through by traffic to get to the parking lots back there.

Given how small the road is, as well as the traffic issues such a road has, Kathi Cook, deputy community development director, said the city has long had plans to close it to vehicular traffic.

Instead, half the road will be a sidewalk, open for pedestrian traffic, while the other half, the north side, will become part of the forthcoming South Main Kitchen restaurant for use as a deck.

Converting the street to pedestrian use will cost about $97,000, a cost that will be split between the restaurant and the city. The city’s portion of the cost will be $52,000 for their side of the street. South Main Kitchen will pay to remainder for its portion of the construction.

Jim Parsons, who owns the building next door, on the south side of the alley, said he liked the idea, however he was opposed to his new neighbor getting sole use of the street.

City Attorney Sam Thomas told council there would be nothing stopping Parsons from coming before the city in the future with his own plans for the street.

Also at the meeting:

A proposed scoreboard for the Bridgeway Christian Academy soccer field was unanimously denied.

When the field was originally approved in 2000, a condition was added to the approval that no signage be erected on the site, which is at the corner of Webb Bridge Road and Kimball Bridge Road.

The Bridgeway owners want a score sign on the Webb Bridge side of the field, so the spectators could see it.

Unfortunately, this is along the property line with the one resident whose property abuts the field and who was the reason that sign prohibition was added in the first place. He was concerned about LED lights affecting his property value.

He was just as opposed to the sign now as he was then; and council agreed with him.

“Bridgeway’s soccer program has changed since 2000. Nothing else has changed,” said Councilmember D.C. Aiken. “That is not enough to give a variance for a scoreboard that butts up against a neighbor who was there in the first place and is still there.”

The sign was unanimously denied.

Alpharetta City Council

May 12

Denial of a request to change a previous condition of zoning in order to allow a sign on a soccer field for Bridgeway Christian Academy Soccer.


Table of changes to the Unified Development Code in order to add a definition for a data center as well as design regulations.


Consideration of abandonment of the Jones Alley right of way for vehicular traffic while maintaining pedestrian access.


RN 05-15-14

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