Johns Creek soccer star awarded honor

Kemp-Hanson starts charity groups



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – After years of giving to others, one Chattahoochee High School student was on the receiving end Feb. 4.

Hope Kemp-Hanson, 15, has done more in her school years than many people do in a lifetime. She has started numerous student charity groups, organizing to help the needy. One such group put on a fashion show for the Special Olympics, while another collected 1,400 pairs of shoes and another sent out Easter baskets.

“It feels so good to be giving back to the community. I wanted to make a bigger impact,” Kemp-Hanson said. “We do a ton for different charities.”

She is also a player on the varsity soccer team for the high school.

At the annual soccer banquet the school holds for all soccer teams, a new scholarship and grant were announced. The scholarship will be annually awarded to one star player in the soccer program. The grant will be an annual donation to the school’s soccer program. Kemp-Hanson was the first recipient of the scholarship, which is offered by the State Bridge McDonald’s.

“I was just blown away by what she has accomplished,” said Tim Phalen, co-owner of the McDonald’s. “She does all these things for everybody else. She truly has a heart of gold.”

Phalen and the State Bridge McDonald’s have pledged $1,000 to the Chattahoochee soccer program each year as well as $500 to one star student each year as a scholarship to buy equipment and uniforms.

The award is called “Hope for the Future.”

“I was taken away,” Kemp-Hanson said when she received the ward. “I’m blessed to get this and influence generations beyond me. I’ve always be asked ‘what are you leaving behind when you leave school?’ I’ve always wanted to make a big impact.”

RN 03-06-14

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