Johns Creek named ‘Best Suburb in Ga.’

Coldwell Banker report looks at cities nationwide



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – According to one real estate report, Johns Creek is among the nation’s top 100 best suburban cities and the best (and only one) in Georgia.

The Coldwell Banker Real Estate and Onboard Informatic’s “Best Places to Live for Suburbanites” list chose areas that cater to “those looking to trade in life in the fast lane for a more casual pace and greater sense of community.”

Onboard gave each place a score based on how well it matched up with selected attributes. The attributes focus on features of the town or city as well as the behavior of the people living there.

For example, suburbanites ranked the suburban amenities they considered important, such as grocery stores and banks, proximity to good schools, commuting by car and community safety. Additional attributes were based on the behavior of the residents – for example, how much money they spend on home-prepared meals versus eating out.

Towns with fewer than 1,000 residents were excluded from the Suburbanites ranking.

Here are some of the top reasons for selecting a suburban city:

• Community safety: Feeling safe is a key consideration for suburbanites, so how safe they feel was one of the key indices.

• Access to suburban amenities: Having banks, grocery stores and gas stations nearby make the humdrum errands easier and quicker to accomplish.

• Proximity to good schools: Schools are the centerpiece of suburban communities. Quality education in close proximity is a major consideration for homeowners.

• Home improvement investment: Having a Home Depot or Lowe’s nearby is big for do-it-yourselfers. And a successful DIY project counts as much as a new Audi in the garage in the ‘burbs. Top suburban communities see many invest and spend time on home improvement projects.

• Commuting by car: Top suburban communities show residents are willing to commute to work as a trade-off for the amenities they enjoy at home.

• High single-family home ownership: Home ownership means sinking roots in the community. That creates stability and a commitment to the community. Top suburban cities share this characteristic.

• People eating in: In successful suburban communities, a high number of families eat in most nights. They would rather spend time sitting out around the barbecue with friends than spend money going out on the town.

Kelly Stephens, the branch manager for the Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Office for Johns Creek-Duluth said Johns Creek fits the profile for what people are looking for in a community.

“In real estate, it is always location, location, location, and Johns Creek has the things people are looking for. We have fabulous schools, sports teams represented in those schools are very desirable, the commutes are short for amenities,” Stephens said.

The real estate values have held well in the recession and appear to be bouncing back more quickly and higher than other metro areas.

“The square footage that you get for your money is extremely competitive placed against other metro cities,” Stephens said. “We are seeing some new construction, but we don’t have a lot of room left, so if you want to live in the area, a resale home is the way for most to go.”

There is a huge cultural arts center here with the symphony and the Johns Creek Arts Center that add to the quality of life, she said.

“Johns Creek is just a great place to live and people see that,” she said.

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