Johns Creek couple experience Boston terror

Experience made them stronger



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – A couple from Johns Creek recalls the horrific Boston Marathon terror attacks.

Edward Coco, of Johns Creek, was in Boston, Mass. with his wife, Jill, on April 15 in order to race in the Boston Marathon.

Edward had just ended the race and Jill was standing by the finish line when she heard an extremely loud blast.

“It was louder than anything I had ever heard and my ears were ringing,” she said. “I had been walking and I turned around to see that there was smoking coming from the exact spot that I had been standing in a couple of minutes ago.

“Everybody was running toward us, trying to get away from where the bombing had occurred, but the thing I remember the most was all the screaming, which was the worst part of all.”

Claudia Coco, the Cocos’ oldest daughter, said her parents were able to call her to let her know they were okay.

“I had been at school and I had no idea what they were talking about,” Claudia said. “It was the most terrifying moment of my life.”

When asked if the event will make them more vigilant at sporting events, they said, “We will be more cautious because there’s no way to stop that type of thing from happening or for the police to have done anything differently. We refuse to be afraid because sporting events are such a large part of our lives.”

This article was published in the Revue & News April 25, 2013 edition


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