Johns Creek celebrates Founders Day: Parade draws crowds for 6th year



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – The city of Johns Creek celebrated its sixth birthday Dec. 1 and had quite a birthday party, with thousands of the city’s inhabitants in tow.

The parade included NASCAR racers, Great Highland Bagpipe players, thousands of Cub Scouts, silly clowns, high school clubs and marching bands along with creative floats from businesses and organizations within the area.

Hosting the event for the sixth time was news anchor Karyn Greer.

“The candy carts are wonderful, especially the Hershey’s cart. It’s not hard to see why they won first place three years in a row,” Greer said.

The parade, which lasted from 10 a.m. to noon, included plenty of children ready to jump for the candy being tossed into the air and prepared to cheer for their favorite floats. There was even the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile hidden amongst the floats. Knights on horseback from Medieval Times galloped around while Shriners in their fezzes zipped around the street in their tiny cars and trikes.

Pulling up the rear was Santa Claus in his big, red fire truck.

Johns Creek Deputy Police Chief Pat Wilson was quick to chip in what his favorite part of the parade was.

“Watching everybody in the city gather together and make the event happen and seeing the community have a good time,” he said.

Rosemary Taylor, who works for the city of Johns Creek, added that “the marching bands are incredibly impressive and well-prepared.”

Following the parade was the Santa Jam at Johns Creek High School, featuring plenty of music, entertainment, vendors and food on the grounds of the school.

All in all, Dec. 1 was a great way for Johns Creek to not only celebrate its founding, but also ring in the holidays.

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