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JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – The Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro J. Wayne Baughman, ends its seventh season with a program of classical music featured in well-known Hollywood movies, as well as classic Hollywood movie music.

Baughman said Hollywood is known for “borrowing” music of the best classical composers.

From the silent era of films, classical music was played for accompaniment, to create mood and tension on screen. True, there were also no copyright fees.

Equally undeniable is the exquisite impact classical music has had on the movies. And for many, it is only through the movies that the public has been made aware their great music.

Conversely, there are many examples of great composers of film scores whose music stand as symphonic masterpieces apart from the movies for which they were written.

Baughman said the orchestra wants to pay homage to the “cross-fertilization” of music between contemporary and classical sources that make for great symphonic entertainment.

“We want to have fun with the relationship the movies have always had with great music,” he said. “We also have a wonderful soprano who will sing some of the classics like ‘Summertime’ from ‘Porgy and Bess,’” he said.

Hollywood’s great movie composer Max Steiner’s score for “Gone with the Wind” holds up quite well played without Rhett and Scarlett on the screen.

Examples of great composers whose music was adapted to film are rampant.

“2001: A Space Odyssey,” fans instantly recognize the juxtaposition of the Strauss waltz “On the Blue Danube” when the space station comes on screen or in Richard Wagner’s “The Ride of the Valkyrie” as American helicopters descend on a Vietnamese village in “Apocalypse Now.”

Sometimes the original music source is completely overshadowed in its adaptation.

Many may not be able to name Rossini’s “William Tell Overture,” but they will immediately associate it with the Lone Ranger’s theme and a hardy, “Hiyo Silver.”

“There will be lots of recognizable music that they may associate with a certain film,” Baughman said.

Elmer Bernstein’s score for “The Magnificent Seven” is instantly recognizable.

Other music selections include Puccini, Rossini and Strauss. The music of “Star Wars,” “Gone with the Wind” and James Bond will entertain.

Contemporary composers such as John Williams and especially Ennio Morricone stand with the greats of all time, Baughman said.

WHO: Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra

WHAT: A concert of classical and classic Hollywood music

WHEN: Saturday, May 10 at 8 p.m.

WHERE: The theater at Johns Creek HS

TICKETS: $30 adults; $24 seniors; $15 students/groups

INFO: Call 678-748-5802 or email

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