Johns Creek Police Department earns CALEA re-accreditation



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – For the second time in its short history, the five-year-old Johns Creek Police Department has earned Advanced Accreditation by the Commission for the Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies – the gold standard for police professionalism.

The department was scrutinized by a team of CALEA inspectors who spent four days in April reviewing JCPD policies and procedures, training, agency practices, record-keeping and selection process to determine if they met CALEA’s exacting standards.

The review found JCPD was in compliance with all applicable standards required to earn an Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation. The Johns Creek Police Department was first accredited by CALEA in 2010, only two years year after the agency was launched.

“CALEA accreditation is big deal in law enforcement circles,” said Police Chief Ed Densmore. “It speaks to the professionalism and high standards we’ve set for ourselves. When we set up the department, our goal was to be accredited by CALEA, not just to have it but because it would set us up the right way. CALEA accreditation affirms we’re on the right path.”

Gary Cordner, lead CALEA commissioner reviewing JCPD, said often re-accreditation is harder than accreditation the first time.

“Often the second time is when people slip up a little bit,” Cordner said. “This shows that JCPD takes this seriously. They’ve taken the standards to heart and make them a part of the culture. Johns Creek citizens can be proud to learn their agency is complying with the best practices of modern professional policing.”

City Manager John Kachmar said accreditation reinforces the reputation that Johns Creek Police is a top-notch, professional agency.

“This isn’t just us saying this,” Kachmar said. “This is from an outside body of experts in this field. Johns Creek can have confidence in its police department.”

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