Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker calls for Kachmar resignation



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – In a statement released Tuesday, Oct.15, Mayor Mike Bodker also called for the resignation of the city manager. In it Bodker stated:

“A week has already gone by since our City Manager John Kachmar verbally assaulted a citizen of Johns Creek Oct. 7. This act of aggression happened in front of no less than five witnesses and at the doorstep of our own City Hall. He has admitted to using vile language that can never be tolerated from an appointed official, employee, contractor or elected official in our city. He has tried to deflect the issue by saying that it was due to politics. I find this lack of taking personal responsibility to compound an already unacceptable situation.

“In America, everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty, and I am confident Mr. Kachmar will have a fair review of the alleged criminal charges that accompanied the verbal abuse of this citizen. Whether guilt or innocence of the alleged criminal charges is ultimately determined, the fact remains that Mr. Kachmar has already admitted to the use of this vile language. Therefore, based on the verbal abuse alone, it is impossible for me to support keeping Mr. Kachmar on as our city manager.

“Like Councilwoman Stewart, I call for Mr. Kachmar to resign and will give him until the end of this week to do so. Should he not do the right thing and leave on his own, I am recommending to our City Council that he be removed at our Oct. 21 council meeting. I have not yet heard from any other councilmembers other than Councilwoman Stewart, and I hope they will recognize that to ignore this behavior is in effect condoning it. I ask that they join the call for Mr. Kachmar’s resignation and demonstrate that protecting our citizens comes first and that this type of verbal assault will not be tolerated in the city of Johns Creek.”

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