Johns Creek High School Gladiators give back to local charity



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Johns Creek High School used its much anticipated homecoming week to give back to the community by collecting food for North Fulton Community Charities Oct. 22-26.

In conjunction with the theme for the rest of the school year, “Service Before Self,” the school has headed many fundraisers and food drives for various organizations.

The focus for homecoming week was North Fulton Community Food Bank.

The school collected donations in a food drive based on the themed days. The food drive was pioneered by Gladiator Army, a school organization in which students manage sporting events and help out around the school.

The first day was class theme day. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors each decorated their designated hallways based on their class theme. The themes were Madagascar, Antarctica, Asia and the Caribbean, respectively. Hallways were sprinkled with snow and vines and mimicked the Great Wall of China and a sunny beachside. People walked around their classes wearing kimonos and hula skirts.

The food drive started on Tuesday with Country-Western Day. On this day, students dressed in plaid and cowboy hats and brought in canned beans to represent “bean” a cowboy.

On Wednesday, freshmen, sophomores and juniors dressed up as toddlers while seniors dressed up as seniors. The theme for this day was “soft foods.”

Thursday was Superhero/Cartoon Day. On this day, “Clark Kent” ripped open his shirt revealing the iconic “S” on his chest when he spotted a student having trouble with his math homework. Other students made costumes based on beloved childhood cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and Avatar the Last Airbender.

Students brought in canned soup for “Soup”-erhero day.

Finally, on Friday, the students dressed up in school clothes and togas for Gladiator Day. They brought in canned veggies to represent the foods that keep Gladiators strong.

The idea was brought to the school by Ellen Fisher, whose daughter, Claire, is a member of Gladiator Army. According to Fisher, she had the idea from friends who host food drive parties at their home, and Claire brought it to school.

“The school has been really successful collecting food for the food bank,” said Claire. “It’s enough to fill four entire tables.”

Principal Buck Greene was pleased with the success of the school in giving back this year.

“Our food drive for the past two weeks has brought in amazing amounts of donated food to date. We have more student service ideas that have not even been seen yet,” said Greene. “[The school] has been hugely successful to date and I am proud of our students for stepping up.”

The school has done a variety of things this year in order to give back to the community. The engineering classes have built desks for three other Fulton County schools in need of security desks, and the school has already hosted fundraisers for breast cancer awareness and the nationally acclaimed “Rachel’s Challenge.”

Although Gladiator Army finished collecting food last week, North Fulton Community Charities is always open for donations.

For more information on NFCC or to donate, visit

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