Johns Creek Council’s silence on investigation a red flag



We have witnessed the abuse of power for political gain at the federal level, and are we now seeing it from our own Johns Creek City Council?

Has council chosen to tarnish the image of our city and spend our tax dollars on an investigation of our mayor for “certain actions” or “a belief of a pattern of behavior” without offering any specific details to support an investigation?

A red flag should go up for all citizens and voters when a councilmember admits that the investigation “might be questionable ... but it’s not intended [to be].”

I look forward to the results of the investigation report in six weeks which, coincidentally, comes right before candidates file to run for City Council and mayor in the November elections.

Mike Bodker has done an excellent job as the two-term mayor of Johns Creek and I expect, when the investigation is complete, he will be cleared of all accusations.


Johns Creek

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