Johns Creek Council votes May 20



1. Public hearing: To approve Bellmoors subdivision at 108000 Bell Road and rezone 224 acres from Agricultural to Community Unit Plan (residential) to develop a 646-lot single-family gated subdivision at 2.88 units per acre. Staff and Planning Commission recommend approval with conditions.

2. Public hearing: To approve rezoning 5.08 acres in the 10500 block of Buice Road from AG-1 to R-4 (single-family residential) by Rapid Link Properties LLC. Purpose to develop seven-lot single-family subdivision with density of 1.38 units per acre.

3. To approve the revised fiscal year 2013 budget for each fund of the city, prohibiting the expenditures to exceed appropriations for each fund.

4. To approve amending the City Code pertaining to false alarms to extend the deadline for registering an alarm system from June 1 to Sept. 1. There is no fee for registering an alarm system; however there is a fine for failure to register by the deadline.

5. Approval of a change order request for $85,000 to Mulkey Engineers and Consultants for engineering design services on Old Alabama Road from Brumbelow Road to the western city limits, and on Nesbit Ferry Road from Old Alabama to the northern city limits. The purpose is to make additional road improvements. Staff recommends approval.

6. Approval of a change order request for $133,357 to PLM Ventures for State Bridge landscaping. The change order is to increase the scope of work and upgrade materials. The additional cost will be shared 80 percent by the Georgia Department of Transportation and 20 percent by the city. Staff recommends approval of the change order.




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