Johns Creek City OKs 105 homes on Technology Circle



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – The Johns Creek City Council approved Sept. 23 a 105-lot detached residential development in the 1300 block of Technology Circle off Medlock Bridge Road. But a much larger project with 250 proposed apartments was rejected.

The 39-acre project on Technology Circle passed unanimously. It settles the question of who will help with the egress off Bell Road to Technology Circle that will coincide with the Bellemoore residential development recently approved on Bell Road also.

The final design and right-of-way required for the proposed public road has not yet been decided. However, the applicant, Ashton Atlanta LLC, will set aside 1.66 acres on the western portion of the property for a future right-of-way easement.

The project also includes 17.3 acres of common outdoor area – 44.7 percent of the entire property. There will be a central green space surrounding the existing pond and proposed walking trail. It will have an amenity area with a pool and clubhouse to the northern portion of the development, as well as smaller passive parks and additional common areas distributed throughout the development.

The living space will range from a minimum of 2,900 square feet to a maximum of 3,500 square feet.

That project passed unanimously in a 6-0 vote by the council.

A project was also proposed to put 250 apartment units, one 3,000-square-foot office building and 1,800 square feet of restaurant space on a 6.7-acre parcel that straddles the south side McGinnis Ferry Road and Hospital Parkway with Medlock Bridge Road just southeast of it.

The site plan indicates that 101 units would be one-bedroom, 137 units would be two-bedroom and 12 units would be three-bedroom.

The project had originally been zoned by Fulton County as part of a larger mixed use parcel. The edges of the parcel that border McGinnis Ferry and Medlock Bridge roads have all developed as retail shopping space, leaving the 6.7 acres in the interior undeveloped.

That put the density at 37 units per acre. Staff recommended approval, but at 12 units per acre.

Staff said the proposed freestanding apartment building with a small amount of accessory commercial and office space development would not be consistent with the original intent of the rezoning. The surrounding area is characterized by intensive commercial uses, medical-oriented and general office uses, a regionally serving hospital and institutional uses across McGinnis Ferry Road in Forsyth County.

The applicant requested that if the project were denied, that it be without prejudice and leave the existing zoning which includes 300,000 square feet of office on the property undisturbed.

Council said they could not go along with such high density apartments and denied it 5-1 with Richardson opposed, saying she saw no reason to grant the denial without prejudice.

Bodker said he liked a number of things about the project, but in another place.

“I just can’t see letting a major portion of the office use in the city be zoned for apartments. It would not be in the city’s best fiscal interest,” Bodker said.

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